How I Work

Our very life depends on everything’s recurring until we answer from within.
– Robert Frost

My belief is that individuals can grow, heal, and transform themselves no matter how intense their difficult experiences, defenses and hurts may be.

My sense of hope comes from helping a person to uncover and retrieve their true nature that may have been overshadowed by perceived flaws and unresolved conflicts.

My experience as a therapist has made me come to trust that individuals, with the help of another, have the potential to know themselves better than anyone else, to access their own wisdom, and attend to their own wounds.

I view myself as the skilled and committed partner in this internal journey of exploration and emotional resolution.

My style is down to earth, touched with humor, intelligent and thoughtful.

I am direct and collaborative, and I focus on your strengths, resources, and goals in therapy.

I create a comfortable and safe relationship where vulnerable issues can be explored and understood together.

Whatever you may be grappling with or would like to change in your life I would truly enjoy engaging with and helping you to empower yourself to feel more freedom, experience more meaning, and achieve more happiness.

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Please contact me with any questions you may have.