About Health Insurance

Questions for Your Insurance Company

To find out more about your mental health coverage, phone your provider and ask the following questions. Be sure to get the name of the person you’re speaking with and note the date and time of the conversation.

1.   Does my policy cover out-of–network outpatient psychotherapy for me?
2.   Is there a limit to the number of visits allowed?
3.   Is a physician’s referral required?
4.   Is pre-authorization required? What is the name and number of the person to be contacted?
5.   Is there a deductable? Have I met the deductable for this year?
6.   If not, how much do I have left to meet?
7.   What percentage of my therapy bills will my policy cover?
8.   What is the address of the office where I should send my claims or super bill?
9.   To whose attention is the claim to be sent?
10. Is there a special form that I will need to send with the bill from my therapist?

If your insurance provider covers out-of–network providers / therapists I can supply you with a “Super Bill” at the end of each month, which will state your monthly treatment fees and your payment record that you can then submit to your insurance for partial reimbursement.

Please contact me with any questions you may have.