Widows and Widowers

There is nothing so whole as a broken heart. 
– Menachem Mendel of Kotzk

iStock Photo 4106465What You Might Experience

  • Grief can include shock, anger, depression, despair, guilt, confusion, bitterness, regret and because the marriage relationship is so encompassing, intricate, and deep, your emotions are understandably complex and intense.
  • At first, you’ll probably be somewhat numb and have a sense of unreality.
  • Stephen Levine, who has written extensively on death and grieving, says that grief can be “like walking at the bottom of the ocean.”
  • At the same time, you’ll probably question how there can be numbness when you’re feeling so much pain – until the numbness starts to wear off and you realize that the pain really can get worse.
  • There is no one path through the feeling of grief but there’s one reliable guideline – keep feeling. The only way out is through.
  • You do not have to be alone in your bereavement.

I have been a companion to many widows and widowers over the years through this painful and difficult journey. Being able to tell your story, share your deeply painful and complex feelings, for as long at it takes, is an essential part of grieving your lost loved one. This work is important and central to me as a psychotherapist. I am honored to be called upon to be a person’s support and witness to the complicated and indescribable experience of losing your life partner.

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