Therapist Rates and Fees in Palo Alto

Therapist’s rates and fees vary by discipline. In terms of having a successful treatment, the discipline of a therapist is ultimately less important than their skills and experience as well as how you feel about the relationship that you develop with them.


MFTs are Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists. They hold a master’s degree in psychology or counseling. The terms “Marriage and Family” suggests that these clinicians only see couples and families but they are trained to provide therapy to individuals as well.

MFT rates for psychotherapy generally range from $110 to $200 per session.


LCSW’s are Licensed Clinical Social Workers. LCSW’s have a master’s degree in social work and often work in hospitals, clinics, and agencies as well as in private practice.

LCSW’s rates for psychotherapy usually range from $110 to $200 per session.


Psychologists have a doctoral degree in psychology. The degree that a psychologist holds may be a PhD, PsyD or DMH (Doctor of Mental Health). Some psychologists provide psychological testing as well as psychotherapy.

Psychologist’s rates generally fall between those of a master’s level clinician and psychiatrist (MD), often ranging from $130 to $250 per session.


Psychiatrists are MD’s and as physicians prescribe medication. They are the only mental healthcare provider that can prescribe medications. A psychiatrist’s training now focuses more on psychopharmacology or prescribing medication and less on psychotherapy.

Psychiatrist hourly rates for psychotherapy are most expensive ranging from $180.00 to $300.00 or more per session. Psychiatrist fees for medication evaluations are higher.

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